How to Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Stream Online

If you are looking for the ways to watch nba finals live stream free, you have come to the right site since we are going to share the useful information with you. But before proceeding, let’s read this first.

Finally, the moment that we have been waiting for has come closer. Bookmark this page, here we will updates the 2021 NBA Finals schedule, location, tv coverage guide, start times of every game, and NBA Finals live stream online without cable!

DatesJuly 8 – July 22, 2021
RadioESPN Radio
Live StreamWatch Here

When and where is NBA Finals 2021?

The Finals will start from July 8 to July 22, 2021. Location is not officially announced.

NBA Finals Schedule 2021

After the conference finals conclusion, the 2021 NBA Finals schedule will be released. NBA Finals Game 1 will be on July 8, 2021. Please check later for updates.

What Channel is the 2021 NBA Finals on?

ABC will broadcast all of the 2021 NBA Finals. It is a good thing since you don’t have to switch to other channels. Keep in mind that since ABC holds the right of the broadcasting, it also means that you can watch NBA finals live stream through the relatable service.

How to Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Online

watch nba finals 2021 live

As mentioned, the relatable service by ABC can help you to watch the NBA finals live from your favorite spot. If you prefer to watch it online, you could rely on the ABC as well.

ABC is back again for the NBA Finals 2021. That means the channel has been serving the viewers for around 17 years. You can use the ABC live streaming service to be the spectators. The good thing here is that you need to prepare your internet connection and a compatible device to access the service.

With those two things, you can stream the NBA finals conveniently. You could either use ABC Go or Streaming services like Sling TV, YouTube TV, etc. (we will explain these later).

You can view it through ABC Go, but you need your cable subscription credentials to get the access. So, you will need to have a cable subscription to gain access. However, this option is not for those who have ditched their cable or satellite.

If you are a cord cutter, then you will need to read the next point that we’d like to share below.

Watch NBA Finals 2021 Online Without Cable

Streaming the NBA Finals 2021 won’t be possible if you have cut the cord. To watch the NBA Finals 2021 Online, you will want to use the excellent live streaming services.

For some folks, paying is not a good option. If you are budget conscious, you could start using the free trials offered by the live streaming services.

The live streaming options are an excellent replacement for the satellite and cable subscription. Most streaming services also include significant channels, including ABC, which allows you to stream the Finals without any hassle.

As long as you are in the metropolitan area, there’s a chance that you could access ABC from your place. The thing is that ABC affiliate may not reach the rural areas. As long as your location is within the ABC service area, you will have the eligibility to watch NBA finals 2021 without cable. To be sure, you could check the availability of service in your area through the official site of ABC.

If you browse online, there will be many live streaming services you find through your favorite search engine. But keep in mind that they are not offering similar services. For the cord cutters, it could take time and effort to research and find the perfect one. The excellent live streaming service should provide you with the appropriate packages with the right channels.

There’s good news for you, though. You don’t need to waste your time searching the sites and ending up with the wrong service. Instead, take a look at our list below.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV, as the name suggests, offers you fantastic service with an abundant amount of premium channels, including ABC that broadcasts the 2021 NBA finals. The good thing about this service is that you will have a big chance to access it anywhere.

Hulu with Live TV has the right to live stream ABC in around 100 markets. That is the reason why many people choose this over other options. If you want certainty, you could check on the ABC service area. If your location is included, it is not hard to get access to the ABC through this live streaming service. You can also get a free trial to assess the features first.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is an excellent option for those who have been fond of PlayStation or Sony products. Don’t get it wrong, though. It is not exclusive for PS users. The public service is available for all folks. You can see the list of compatible devices in the official site.

Sling TV

Sling TV comes as an alternative option because of its affordably priced package. For those who are concerning about the budget, Sling TV can make an appropriate choice. It only costs $30-$45 per month. However, there’s a drawback. It is only available in few markets so there’s a chance that you could experience the blackout.

Not to mention that ABC is available when you pay for the add-on. Although you could spend a little extra, it is pretty a good deal, noticing that the price is affordable, .you could check the availability by checking the ABC streams based on your ZIP code. You can also use Sling TV free trial to assess the service.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a perfect choice for YouTube fans. The YouTube package offers tons of channels, including ABC that broadcasts the upcoming event. If you are convenient in using YouTube hosting video site, then YouTube TV can also make an excellent choice for you. YouTube TV is available in around 90 markets. It also spread the services widely so that no matter where you are, you can catch up with the event.


70 to 160+ channels are available on AT&T TV, a pretty good number of coverage for avid sports fans. The low-tier package “Live A Little” already includes ABC, so you don’t have to spend more than what you need if your focus is on the NBA Finals match.

The top choice

If you think that you are traveling around the country, you will want to purchase the live streaming service that is available in most markets. That means you have a pretty good chance to watch your favorite team on the screen while on the go.

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How to Watch NBA Finals Online Free

There’s a legal way to watch the NBA finals 2021 for free, besides the free trials of live streaming options we mentioned above.

You could use the Ace Stream to stream the NBA Finals for free. Ace Stream is a free media player app that streams the videos from its users. That means you will need to rely on someone’/s live streaming sharing to be able to watch nba finals online free. You need to download and install the app in your device to get access.

Besides Ace Stream, you can also watch NBA Finals streams through unofficial sites. Some popular sites might be available when you search. But beware of these third party sites since there’s a risk of scamming. Learn about the websites by reading reviews, reputation, and tips from experienced people. Make sure to guard your device with the latest anti-virus and protection software.

NBA Finals Live Streaming outside of USA

For those who are living outside the US, there are some options for you based on the geographic location.


In the UK, you could tune in Sky Sports. This channel holds the exclusive rights for the NBA in the UK territory. Consider visiting the Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Arena. website to see the full information of the live streaming.


Canadian viewers can enjoy NBA Final 2021 games in TSN. So Tune in TSN Channel ahead of time. If you want to watch all games live stream online on any device TSN Direct is best option for you.


Good news for Filipinos. NBA games return to Philippine TV through Cignal-Smart partnership in this year 2021. So Filipinos now have the chance to experience the Live NBA games free on TV channels.

So if you are from the Philippines please tune in TV5 and ONE Sports, and on Cignal TV to watch the 2021 NBA final all games in high definition. For additional information please visit


There is no official TV channel in Australia to give you the privilege to enjoy the NBA Finals 2021.

However, you can watch it through ESPN on KAYO SPORTS. It is a live streaming service dedicated to sports viewers. You could get the 14-day free trial if you want to assess the features first.


The Brazilian Bandeirantes Communication Group has officially finalized the contracts with the NBA. For the finals, the Brazilian FTA TV will broadcast the NBA Finals 2021.

It will be the first time since 19 years that the channel aired the finals. The last time of the coverage was at the end of 2000 when Lakers got the crown. So, tune in Brazilian FTA TV to keep up.

Streaming NBA Finals 2021 with a VPN (Worldwide)

The streaming services above are a common choice.

There’s a chance that you can’t stream the game because the service is not available in your area.

For some people, it is a dead-end. Well, don’t give up just yet. Presuming that you have the TV streaming provider, the next thing you need to prep is the VPN service. Pick the right VPN provider with high speeds of US servers. Sign up and download the apps.

Don’t use the free VPN app! Most of these apps are bogus and stealing your relevant data.

You will want to focus on the top rated VPN services like Expressvpn, Nord VPN, and so on.

Then you could log in, and select the server location in the US. Then you could use your live streaming service in no time. VOILA! You won’t experience the blackout anymore.

NBA Finals Live Stream via Reddit

In the NBAStreams link Reddit, you could dig some chances to watch nba finals 2019 live stream. If you are lucky, some folks are willing to share their streaming link with you. But use these links with precautions. Don’t click ads, giving your details login, etc. Be safe.

How to Stream NBA Finals 2021 on Roku, Apple TV, iOS, & Android

The good thing for all the NBA lovers, the major streaming providers we mentioned before offer TV live streaming that you can access through Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, iOS, and Android. If you’ve known the drill, it can be easy for you to install and use the app in no time.

Watch NBA Finals Live free with an Antenna and DVR

OTA Antenna can make a right choice for those who want to achieve HD quality of videos. Shop around to find the best antenna and DVR in the market. And make sure that your location is within the service coverage area.

There are many ways to watch nba finals stream. From the free ones to the paid ones, you have the freedom to pick one that is suitable for you. Good luck, and have a nice try.